Swedish Project Manager

About you

If you want to be part of Bonzer’s digital team, you are expected to have experience with SEO and related tools. You know about digital trends and you have an everlasting curiosity for the world of Google – and the developing world we live in. You need to be able to plan a strategy and then execute on it.

What you need

An important prerequisite for working as a successful Project Manager is a passion for producing good content that fulfill search intent. You need to be sharp on grammar and good at doing research. You are good at communication and can communicate technical work, as well as being proactive and great with client dialogues.

About the job

As a Swedish Project Manager, you are responsible for designing and executing our SEO services for our Swedish clients. You want to be part of a dynamic environment that always strives to deliver the absolute best in the digital world. You will work alongside a Project Management team in order to deliver the best results for our clients.

Send your application to [email protected]
Write “Swedish Project Manager” in the the subject.